Women leading the tech world, it all starts with a queue…

Women leading the tech world, it all starts with a queue…

By Sharron Demaris


A strange thing happened in LastMileLink this week….one of my female colleagues had to wait to use the bathroom! ‘Girls always have a bigger queue than the boys bathroom’ you’re all saying as you read this, that is nothing new. The strange thing wasn’t so much the line for the ladies, it was the epiphany that was had because of it.

A ladies bathroom queue has never happened before at LastMileLink and it really made me think about the journey we have been on to date. Funnily enough, and this is probably a testament to the culture, I’ve not stepped back and thought about the ratio of men vs. women.

I have been with LastMileLink since its creation and back then (just over 2 years ago), women were definitely the minority. As we have grown, new roles have been filled by a growing band of women. Not just any roles either – Lead Tester, Head of Product, Scrum Master, Lead Technical Support, Developer, UX, Marketing and HR Support, as well as a Project Manager, Product Owner and Solutions Architect- we are a powerful bunch. The roles are across the spectrum of tech and not just in one area or team. Not only are we widely represented throughout the company, one of us has even been recognised by the Group as ‘Leader of Year’, a huge honour that many worthy people could have won.

As a team we’re all working towards building an innovative solution to last mile delivery; this is a service that is so important for retailers, pharmacies and restaurants to offer. Consumers are increasingly demanding convenience and instant service, and our solution will only be world-leading if we put ourselves in the shoes of both male and female consumers.

At a time where the press has been flooded with news of various campaigns and women are being encouraged to have a voice and speak up, I thought it important to say that this has always been the case here. All opinions are listened to, whether male, female, head of, or a more junior role. If you have something to say, you say it. I am not suggesting everyone stops what they are doing and agrees, but you are heard, people listen and your thoughts, ideas and opinions are valued.

I lead a team of nine QA’s/ Developers in test, most of the team are male and the fact that I am female is not questioned. Female empowerment is here at LastMileLink, along with a culture that is diverse and equal. Diversity creates the right environment for creativity and innovation and all teams are encouraged to challenge each other, have new ideas, grow, learn new skills and build on the talent which we already have.

We are always looking to add to that talent, ensuring that we continue to grow equality and diversity throughout our teams, and of course have fun along the way! We are recruiting for a wide range of roles right now, click here to take a look at our latest vacancies.

I’m really looking forward to our Women in Tech meet up in June and then watch out – the Spice Girls will have nothing on the ladies of LastMileLink!