the correct approach

At LastMileLink Technologies we approach age old problems with a fresh perspective. We create technology that allows both logistics professionals and couriers to perform more efficiently.

Technology such as ‘Smart Allocation’ allows operations professionals to allocate jobs effectively and manage capacity dynamically. We also provide real-time information to couriers.


The ‘last mile’ element of home delivery represents more than 50 percent of total logistics costs. However, it is one of the biggest delivery pain points. Issues with large city congestion, to the long distances in more rural areas can add time and cost to a delivery, and often have a negative impact on profits.

But why is the last mile so important? The last mile delivery is the final touchpoint with the end user in many supply chains. Negative delivery experiences can have a significant impact on both customer loyalty and brand experience.

case studies

View our case studies below to see our technology in practice.