Taking the last mile delivery experience to the next level


Taking the last mile delivery experience to the next level

Written by Prithvi Raj

The world in which we do business in today is definitely a different place compared to 20 years ago, with the dramatic shift in technology, social networking, globalisation and the economic climate. In 1990, companies were mainly focusing on re-engineering internal processes and operational excellence to achieve improvements in supply chain and manufacturing. In just 10 years, the focus had shifted again to instead leveraging the internet to sell goods and provide services. In 2017, the focus revolves around the customer and their experience with a business or brand.

Running a business with the primary focus of customer experience is new battleground. Product and price is no longer enough in the competitive market of 2017- everyone is trying to sell an experience that is highly valued by consumers and at the same time difficult to replicate by competitors.


Last mile delivery is where consumer relationships are made or broken

In today’s hyper-connected and hyper-competitive business, it’s rare that any potential customer is not digitally connected. Thanks to the rise of internet and mobile technology, consumers can access a huge range of products, at varying prices and quality at their fingertips, anytime and anywhere. As a result, retailers are under pressure to both manage their stock effectively and provide efficient and well-priced delivery to service increasingly demanding consumers. If a retailer can meet these demands, customer satisfaction and loyalty will surely follow. However if these demands aren’t met, poor reviews and complaints follow which can directly affect future sales.

Creating relevant and memorable experiences at every touchpoint

Unfortunately there isn’t one simple solution to deliver the ultimate customer experience. Every customer is different and the old techniques of segmentation through demographics or geography are not the future. Never fear though, the team at LastMileLink are designing a delivery management system to offer a leading edge customer experience that will increase satisfaction and encourage loyalty. Our formula for this is as follows:

1.    Understanding the customer

Understanding your customer is becoming increasingly more difficult and complex. Our delivery management systems focuses on delivery solutions that customers have asked for based on convenience and can be easily personalised to ensure customers get the service they desire every time.

2.   Convenience over speed

Fast isn’t always best or what the customer actually needs. Delivery at the customer’s convenience offers them the ultimate in control and puts delivery back into the hands of the end user.  Offering a premium service at a low cost is the ultimate challenge, but one we have an answer to. Thanks to our smart engine, customers can expect their deliveries on their terms; at a selected date and 1-hour timeslot that best suits them.

3.   Delivering on your delivery promise

Getting delivery right is so important but inevitably things do go wrong. Our smart algorithms are developed to create realistic expectations at the time of booking which is communicated to our customers, and the smart optimisation routing engine keeps our customers notified if a delivery is going to change outside of their original booking.

4.  Putting the customer in control

Plans change and retailers need a robust delivery platform which can flex with consumer demands. Our notifications engine keeps consumers up to date and allows them to make changes to their deliveries on the go, including modifications to the delivery date and time, delivery address and delivery instructions. Once a delivery has been allocated, our route optimisation tool means that notifications are triggered to keep customers informed.

5.  Act to minimise customer worries

Manage your customers’ pain points and understand what parts of their delivery journey has the potential to make them unhappy. LastMileLink focus on sharing courier information from the second a delivery is allocated, including the courier’s name, photo and vehicle details, to ensure peace of mind and accountability, and real-time tracking is available every step of the way.

6.  Getting closer to customer through technology

The technology built by the LastMileLink team is our secret ingredient to achieve a great customer experience at a large scale but with a low cost. Delivering a great customer experience is the end goal but this needs to be supported by technology that enables businesses to be both sustainable and profitable.