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The first in a suite of fleet management tools, the LastMileLink courier app has been created to maximise fleet efficiencies and reduce operational costs. This platform is perfect for businesses who have fleet management requirements and face the challenge of optimising last mile delivery across sectors including but not limited to retail, food and pharmaceutical.

the need

Developed in conjunction with CitySprint (the UK’s leading same day delivery network) and utilising over 10 years of industry insight, the Android courier app is now available as a white label platform. Not only does the app enable couriers to work to a schedule that best suits them, it can enable businesses to put mobile technology and innovation at the forefront. Efficiencies are not only maximised through optimal route creation, reduced on-boarding and training time for couriers, and increased information sharing with operational teams, it also reduces equipment costs and takes advantage of the BYOD model.

the detail

Key app features include:

  • An option for couriers to accept and refuse jobs, as well as set a job as their last for the day
  • Display of mileage and estimated earnings per job
  • Turn-by-turn navigation, available both on and offline
  • Display of overall courier earnings for the day, week and month (including historical data)
  • Display information of a courier’s distance from the job collection point

LastMileLink courier app earnings

more information

For more information on how this app could be used to increase fleet efficiencies across various sectors, contact us today.

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