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RESTful APIs which can easily be integrated directly into a retailers ecommerce environment, offering shoppers the ultimate in delivery convenience.

the need

The on-demand economy (powered by APIs) has taken the world by storm, disrupting every industry and seeing year on year growth in the logistics sector. Retailers need a seamless platform that enables them to offer a leading edge customer experience while also putting shoppers back in control by receiving their deliveries when they want them. The LastMileLink team took on the challenge to create RESTful APIs which could be integrated seamlessly into a retailer’s environment.

the detail

Our robust suite of APIs were created to provide retailers with the tools needed to integrate a unique delivery offer with their EPOS, app and ecommerce platforms. The development was based upon algorithms which allowed APIs to dynamically display capacity in designated 1-hour timeslots. The team also created an ASAP and adhoc set of APIs, which allows retailers to offer a ‘Get it now’ service.

A key enabler of our technology are the APIs linking (micro) services in a giant ball of convenience. Our technology is supported by our Saas platform which allows partners to easily integrate and consume services in a secure manner. Always looking to the future, we are also working on a number of native SDKs to further simplify the consumption of our services to facilitate ‘mobile first’ across all mobile platforms and form factors.

Our developers sandbox allows developers to test out our APIs with well documented code samples, available in most popular languages.

LastMileLink Technologies API platform diagram

more information

In this very competitive space, LastMileLink have already helped On the dot to achieve industry recognition with a range of awards throughout 2016 and 2017, as well as over 70,000 deliveries. Our RESTful APIs are already helping to innovate in the retail sector, can we help you?

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