who are we?

LastMileLink Technologies was created to disrupt the logistics and delivery space. We create innovative, next generation software to improve processes and overcome on-demand and traditional last mile delivery challenges. We are backed by CitySprint UK Ltd, one of the world’s largest same day courier companies.

our vision

We are building a cloud platform that will revolutionise the growing logistics industry.

Our platform will:

  • Help carriers streamline their processes and manage their fleet more efficiently.
  • Enable retailers to integrate timeslot deliveries into their checkout environment, offering a seamless customer experience.
  • Increase courier productivity and conditions by improving their mobile applications and reducing cost.

our history

CitySprint are the UK’s leading same day distribution network, helping over 16,000 businesses to deliver their promises. Founded in 2002 from a number of courier companies, the company has grown to a vast network of 40 service centres and a fleet of over 3,000 GPS tracked couriers which provide a 24/7 service nationwide.

Over the years, investment in technology has enabled CitySprint to offer their customers the best possible service. It is this innovative approach to a traditional industry – and a focus on creating next generation delivery technology – that led to the creation of LastMileLink Technologies.


Take a look through our history, and a snapshot of where we are going in our future.

CitySprint brand is created to become the UK’s largest same day delivery company.

CitySprint launches real-time GPS tracking of each delivery, an industry first.

CitySprint creates market leading pathology sample tracking technology.

CitySprint launches CityBridge, a booking interface that allows customers to connect directly to CitySprint without using its own systems.

CitySprint launches MyCourier app for Apple, Android and Blackberry for instant quotes and booking.

CitySprint Logistics Platform allows route planning and automatic allocation for logistics jobs.

CitySprint develops a centralised multi-supplier management platform.

CitySprint launches new retail technology brand, On the dot, to offer dynamic timeslot availability to retailers and consumers.

LastMileLink Technologies, CitySprint’s technology incubator, is created to disrupt the logistics industry with next generation technology.