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LastmileLink Technologies at TechCrunch Disrupt

We’re off to TechCrunch Disrupt

The LastMileLink team are excited to be heading to Berlin for TechCrunch Disrupt! Held at the Arena Berlin over 4-5th December, Disrupt gathers the best and brightest entrepreneurs, start-ups, investors, hackers, and tech fans into one massive space. TechCrunch are a pretty big deal in the technology and innovation arena so we are delighted to be attending this key industry event […]

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Posted by: Jerrica Tomlinson on 15th November 2017

Will my delivery be late?

By Gus Hinestrosa and Eduard Lazar     The early morning delivery was 20 minutes late and this cascaded into the rest of your day. You missed the train, rushed that boiling coffee, made it late to work, made it late to a meeting… As a consumer, we take for granted the complexity of the supply chain, especially at the […]

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Posted by: Jerrica Tomlinson on 29th September 2017

LastMileLink Technologies TechCrunch debut

Our TechCrunch debut

Wednesday 19th July saw our TechCrunch debut! Armed with branded Bluetooth speakers, pens and notepads (not to mention a pile of chocolate) we joined over 500 other tech-minded individuals to network and discuss the newest innovations in the field. Our objective for attending this event was two-pronged. Firstly we wanted to further develop our brand awareness with one of the leading […]

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Posted by: Jerrica Tomlinson on 4th August 2017

Last mile delivery- mountain or a molehill?

Last mile delivery: a mountain or a molehill?

Written by Santosh Sahu   In a world of innovative delivery drones and driverless pods, it’s a surprise to find that many businesses are still behind the times when it comes to the basics. Last mile delivery has become something of a black hole in the logistics sector, and with the imperative for convenience and speed only increasing, it’s an […]

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Posted by: Jerrica Tomlinson on 21st July 2017

LastMileLink Technologies the platform revolution blog

Emerging trends in technology – the platform revolution

Written by Matt Tighe   2017 is shaping up to be a big year for the LastMileLink team! Not only do we have a number of hugely important products that we are working on to continue to build the competitive advantage of CitySprint, we already have our first product available to the market and the second being trialled. On top […]

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Posted by: Jerrica Tomlinson on 26th June 2017


Taking the last mile delivery experience to the next level

Written by Prithvi Raj The world in which we do business in today is definitely a different place compared to 20 years ago, with the dramatic shift in technology, social networking, globalisation and the economic climate. In 1990, companies were mainly focusing on re-engineering internal processes and operational excellence to achieve improvements in supply chain and manufacturing. In just 10 […]

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Posted by: Jerrica Tomlinson on 1st June 2017